Brand Ambassadors Program

Leveraging top talent to drive brand reputation, position the company as an employer of choice and attract talent.

In today’s highly competitive working world, where employees can work from just about anywhere in the world, the war for talent has intensified. As more and more businesses find themselves competing on a global battlefield to attract and retain top talent, the most powerful tool in their arsenal is their people.

Every interaction an individual has with your company and its employees shapes their perception of you as an employer. Companies therefore need to be deliberate in communicating their employer brand and leverage the personal brands of their people to do so.

The Branding & Marketing YOU Brand Ambassadors program creates a framework for employees to be brand ambassadors in a way that is authentic and brings your corporate brand to life, driving brand reputation and creating greater affinity towards the brand.

We Turn Your Top Talent into Brand Ambassadors/Professional Influencers by


Equip Your Brand Ambassadors & Top Talent to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn for Business Success

With an ever-increasing user base of over 810 million professionals across 200 countries, LinkedIn is the largest social network of businesses and professionals – making it the ideal platform to establish oneself as a thought leader  and connect with one’s ideal target market and industry peers.

The stats speak for themselves, yet many businesses and their teams are not taking full advantage of this powerful platform.

We get it, social media is daunting – you’re putting yourself ‘out there’, so you need to put your best foot forward, which is easier said than done.

That’s where we come in. We work with individuals and team to effectively leverage LinkedIn for personal and business success.

We Equip Individuals to Unlock the Power of LinkedIn by

The intervention can be delivered through
one-on-one sessions or through a series of 2 workshops.


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