ONLINE MARKETING Take Your Website from Good to Great

I remember a few years back when every company was rushing to get a website designed because we were told ‘online is the new shop front’. People said having a good website was the key to sales success and for a time they were right – until everyone got a good website. Unfortunately, it’s not enough anymore. […]

Stop and Consider Before You Spend on Market Interventions

This may sound strange coming from a marketing specialist, but spending time and effort on costly marketing interventions (or as I call it, “makeshift marketing”) may be a waste of resources if you haven’t focused on certain key business aspects first. In fact, there are often much wiser ways to spend your time and money […]

Perfect your sales pitch

No one likes to be the target of an unwanted and incessant sales pitch, yet many of us make the same mistakes when trying to sell our own products or services