8 ways to boost your personal brand in challenging times

For people looking to pivot their careers; look for new opportunities or stand out in their current roles, building a personal brand is especially important as people need to buy into you; the value you can deliver and what you stand for. Understanding the importance of personal branding plays an enabling role as you seek to […]

How to Build Your Personal Brand if You’re an Introvert

Build Your Personal Brand

How to Build Your Personal Brand if You’re an Introvert Build Your Personal Brand – even if you’re an introvert! Many introverts assume that personal branding is beyond their reach. With today’s workplaces predominantly geared towards extroverts, with open-plan office layouts, group strategy sessions and team projects, it may seem that way. But it is […]

Become distinctive in your career

In the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, standing out from the crowd is no longer a differentiator – it is a career essential. But knowing where to start is often the challenge. The first step is to consider your personal brand – what do you stand for and what do you want to be […]

Now Is the Perfect Time to Reflect on Your Personal Brand

As we all deal with a worldwide pandemic, it is easy to let the fear, uncertainty and anxiety paralyse us at this time. The world we live in has come to an unprecedented halt and we have entered strange territory. However, through hardship and the most trying circumstances, humanity shines. In a time where social […]

The art of discernment: How to say no when it matters

Every person is constrained by a finite number of hours in the day to achieve their professional, personal and health goals. I tell my clients that this means there is a physical limit to how much a person can do, which is why they need to learn to say no to things that won’t add […]

7 Ways to Earn Respect

Ways to Earn Respect

It’s often said that respect is earned, not demanded, and that’s true. But how does one go about earning respect in the workplace? Here are seven strategies to do just that. Prove that you add value early on People respect those who contribute value. Identify a project you can take on that will yield positive […]