Personal Branding for Leaders & Executives

Build a Powerful Personal Leadership Brand

A personal leadership brand conveys the identity and distinctiveness of a leader and communicates the value they offer. If a leader has the wrong personal leadership brand for the position they have, they may minimize their impact.

Personal Branding Interventions for Leaders and Executives

The Branding & Marketing YOU personal branding leadership brand interventions gives leaders and executives the tools and support they need to become distinctive and influential so they can control perceptions and establish direction, alignment and commitment to agreed goals. Our suite of solutions include:

Personal Branding for Senior Leaders

A strong personal leadership brand allows all that is powerful and effective about the leader to become known to key stakeholders, enabling them to generate maximum value.

When leaders clearly identify what they want to be known for, it is easier to let go of that which does not let them deliver on that brand. Instead, they can focus and concentrate on that which does.

The Branding & Marketing YOU Personal Branding for Senior Leaders intervention equips leaders to:

The intervention is delivered through 2 x 3hr virtual group sessions
and two coaching sessions per leader.


Personal Leadership Brand Coaching

Personal leadership brand coaching ensures your high potential leaders have a clear personal branding strategy and are well positioned for growth within the organisation.

The coaching intervention works with leaders to

The one-on-one coaching is delivered in-person or virtually, over 5
sessions and includes the development of their LinkedIn profile.


Interview Preparation for Senior Leaders & Execs

Supporting leaders to ‘nail’ that interview and ‘secure’ that position aligned to their career strategy.

It takes a lot for leaders to put themselves ‘out there’ for a senior or executive leadership role. The stakes are high and the focus shifts from competence, intelligence and where the individual has come from, to showcasing their ‘best self’ and the leader they aspire to be as  they steer the division/department/company forward and play a more prominent role in driving business success.

When it comes to senior leadership interviews, what an individual says; how they communicate and the impression they leave is vital for success.

Understanding their personal leadership brand (their identity; distinctiveness and the value they deliver) relative to the position they aspire for is key, as is their contribution to the journey ahead.

The Branding & Marketing YOU senior leader interview preparation provides the tools and support for leaders to have ‘breakthrough’ interviews and achieve the position of their dreams.

We Work with Leaders to

The intervention is delivered through one-on-one coaching (in-person or virtual). The number of sessions is dependent on the interview timeline.


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