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3 Steps to Kick-off Personal Brand Campaign YOU

If you haven’t thought about developing a Personal Brand Campaign, now is the time to put your kick-off and put your strategy into action.

Honesty, competency, energy, leadership and integrity – just some of the characteristics we look for in South Africa’s politicians in the run up to the elections this May.

They are also some of the traits that make up effective personal branding – and that your clients look for when reaching out to work with you. As the political leader of your own party, you need to ensure you stand out from your competitors by consistently demonstrating what you stand for.

If you haven’t already kicked off ‘Campaign YOU,’ now is the time to put your personal brand campaign strategy into action and ensure you remain top-of-mind when your network votes on who they want to work with. Here are 3 easy steps to start rallying up the support you need to take your brand to the top of the polls:

Know what you stand for

Everything you do either strengthens or weakens your personal brand – and if you do not take control of it, you will miss out on being able to own what you stand for and how you influence your network. Don’t wait for others to decide on how you should be perceived – figure out what makes you authentic and different and then start consistently showcasing the values, attributes and characteristics you want to be known for. ‘Campaign YOU’ starts here and it’s all about creating a reputation that your supporters can believe in.

Spread your message

Just like the politicians you follow in the press, you need to be comfortable communicating often and widely with your key stakeholders. People need to see you in action to regard you as a credible expert they can call on. Putting your brand out there by regularly attending workshops, accepting speaking engagements and offering up free advice on social media will see your network grow and ultimately, keep you top-of-mind when your supporters need to elect a business partner.

Keep showing up

A politician’s efforts don’t end when they come into power and neither should yours. Your personal branding efforts need to continuously demonstrate what you’re achieving and what you’re capable of. Stability equates to consistency for people and that’s what they like to trust. Creating a habit out of regularly reaching out to your key contacts to see how they’re doing, offering your services and support and sharing your recent successes, will ensure your personal brand is perceived as constant and credible.

A solid, personal brand is the bedrock of your success and once you’ve mastered these steps, you’re on your way to becoming the President of Brand YOU!

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