Personal Branding for Women

We know that in the world of work, winning organisations will be those that empower and fast-track women’s development to build workplaces that are more inclusive and diverse.

The key goal of personal branding for women development is to create a brand that is in demand and is understood as delivering value in the workplace.

Women need to start thinking differently – they need to build on their personal strengths while leveraging their instincts and their power as women. This means thinking in a new way because the common brand in business is the ‘male’ brand.

Women who better understand themselves and develop insight into what makes them distinct and what gives them competitive advantage are able to better leverage influence and advantage in the workplace.

What’s holding women back is that they don’t brand themselves as well as men do – they’re often too modest, downplay their accomplishments, don’t think about their careers strategically; don’t network and often don’t develop a personal marketing plan to get to where they need to be.

Our personal branding for women programme enables female talent to harness their insight, skill and confidence to build their personal brands, wield their influence and unlock opportunities that will future-proof their careers.

We Equip the Women in Your Organization to

The Personal Branding for Women Development intervention is available as an in-person or virtual workshop and can be complimented with individual coaching.


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