Building a Personal Brand in a Hybrid Workplace: The Challenges and Benefits

Having an established personal brand boosts your workplace visibility, allows you to build relationships in the workplace more easily and opens doors in your career that might not have otherwise been possible. Building a brand can be time-consuming and may require a lot of planning and implementation. Remote and hybrid work have made it infinitely […]

Top Tips for Growing your Personal Brand Online

Growing your Personal Brand Online

Growing your Personal Brand Online. I’ve looked at the implications of the move online for our personal brands, and highlighted some of the key issues one needs to consider: the implications of the greater transparency inherent in the digital world and the need for consistency, how and why to integrate the human touch into the […]

Do you have the skills to brand yourself in the Digital Age?

branding yourself in the Digital Age

Branding yourself in the Digital Age. Some of the previous challenges I’ve looked at in this blog series related to the need for consistency across multiple platforms, and the way your personal brand is impacted by the brands of the organisations and people with which you associate. But there’s another pressing issue: controlling your brand […]

Keeping it human

Keeping it human

Keeping it human. The message of my last two blogs was that it is hard work developing and maintaining a consistent personal brand in the online world because there are no boundaries between public and private, and the overall climate is so judgemental. While it sounds somewhat intimidating, it’s probably a good thing—you will need […]

Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Personal Branding in the Digital Age. I’ve spent much of my career advocating the importance of creating a strong personal brand as a way to set oneself apart and provide the rocket fuel for a satisfying career. A personal brand has numerous benefits. An important “internal” benefit is that establishing what one’s personal brand is […]