Now Is the Perfect Time to Reflect on Your Personal Brand

As we all deal with a worldwide pandemic, it is easy to let the fear, uncertainty and anxiety paralyse us at this time. The world we live in has come to an unprecedented halt and we have entered strange territory. However, through hardship and the most trying circumstances, humanity shines. In a time where social distancing has become the new catch phrase for 2020, people have come together in the most incredible and creative ways. I believe that we have a better chance of pulling through if we maintain our hope and continue the widespread solidarity. If we can look for the opportunities that always come with the challenges, we can put our best foot forward.

While the lockdown and social distancing may bring feelings of frustration and restlessness, it is important to focus on the things that are within your control, like using this time to prepare for the “restart”. While it may not seem like it, this is the ideal time to build your personal brand. If you do it in a sensitive and unselfish manner, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when the time comes. Here are three tips to help you do just that:

  1. Keep building relationships – remotely

Staying connected has been made simple with modern technology. We have an array of tools such as emailing, social media and video chat software that make maintaining and building relationships easy when used effectively. Communicate authentically with people. Touch base with colleagues, clients and suppliers to find out how they’re coping and if there’s any way you can assist them. If everyone else is emailing; call instead. Be real. People see straight through the pretence and are craving real connections during these uncertain times.

  1. Create useful content

Put your expertise to good use and help people. Not only will it build your personal brand – it will also benefit your target market. For example, if you’re a financial advisor, why not send your clients some practical pointers on managing their finances during this period. If you’re a physiotherapist, create a guide on how to set up an ergonomic home working station. If you manage a team of people at the office, find a fun way of helping your team stay connected, whether it’s signing up for online exercise classes together or sharing recipes for quick easy meals.

  1. Use the time to get things you don’t normally have time for

Maybe your New Year’s resolutions included starting a blog or working out a social media strategy for building your online profile. While you have some free time, think about the ways you could build and market your personal brand, and get stuck in. You could write an article for an industry journal, sign up for a webinar on improving your presentation skills or update your LinkedIn profile.

We’re living in challenging times, but our best hope for success is to be proactive yet patient with ourselves and to do the best we can. I encourage you to take heart, and to use this opportunity to get busy building your personal brand.

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