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Become known as an Expert in Personal branding

Be an expert in personal branding. One of the most effective ways to make sure your personal brand stands out is to establish yourself as an expert. By differentiating yourself, developing niche expertise and marketing yourself to increase your visibility, you can boost your credibility and ensure that you’re reaching your target market.

There’s nothing arrogant about admitting that you have developed specialist knowledge in your field. In fact, by positioning yourself as an expert, you make it easier for other people to access you and your expertise, as well as opening doors for career growth. Here are a few tips on how to go about positioning yourself as an expert:

  1. Define your area of specialisation.

    Try to make this as unique as possible. For example, don’t position yourself as a marketing consultant; be more specific. Perhaps you serve a particular type of client or industry or you offer a specific functional speciality. Perhaps you’re a marketing consultant who specialises in working with NGOs, or a financial planner with expert knowledge in estate management. Your unique selling proposition (USP), together with your expertise, is what distinguishes you from your competitors, and what ultimately makes you an expert in personal branding.

  2. Find platforms to demonstrate your expertise.

    Start a blog, join a network or a chamber of commerce, write articles and submit them to relevant publications or facilitate a seminar or workshop on your subject. Even better, write a book about it. Speak at industry events, guest post on industry blogs and use social media to market your expertise. By embarking on a visibility campaign, you’ll ensure that people start to recognize your name and your valuable contributions.

  3. Know when to say ‘no’.

    In building a profile as being a specialist or expert, it is more important what you say ‘no’ to as opposed to what you say ‘yes’ to. Only accept opportunities that will grow your personal brand as an expert in your field, not so-so openings that will take up your time without helping you to achieve your objectives.

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