The 8 P’s of Personal Marketing: Part 1

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The 8 P’s of Personal Marketing: Part 1

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Having developed your personal marketing objectives, you need to give consideration to the eight P’s of personal marketing. In this post, I look at the first four: Positioning, Packaging, Promotion and Presence.

Positioning – If you understand your target markets effectively and have determined what characteristics people find valuable, you’re in a good position to tell people what you stand for in a way that is unobtrusive. You will know you have positioned yourself effectively when you are perceived as being different and the best in your field.

Packaging – There is good reason for the saying ‘you judge a book by its cover’. Everything about you communicates something about your brand – your image, how you present yourself, what you talk about, who you associate with and any other ‘visual’ element associated with your brand. Powerful brands understand the impact of these elements and give careful consideration to each and every aspect.

Promotion – There’s a saying I always use: ‘if you have low visibility, you have no visibility’. In fact, people who market themselves understand that visibility is more important than ability. You need to determine what the best strategies for your brand are to be visible in the context of your target market/s. The ‘mix’ of promotional methods you choose for your personal brand should complement each other. Ways of promoting your brand include: social media platforms, speaking engagements, company newsletters, involvement with high profile associations, articles, PR, small group discussions and forums. Determine your strengths in this area and play to them rather than focusing on trying to improve your weaknesses. For example, if your greatest fear is public speaking, rather focus on other talents, such as small group discussions.

Presence – When your personal brand has ‘presence’ it exudes an X-factor. There is an air about you that is captivating and appealing. People who have presence are genuinely interested in other people. They understand that in order to be perceived as ‘interesting’, they need to show interest in other people. Brands with presence command respect. They are confident. They are not afraid to let others know what makes them great in a way that is not arrogant or self-fulfilling

In my next post, I’ll look at the other four P’s of personal marketing: Passion, Personality, Product (and presentation) and Proof.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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