Why Building Your Personal Leadership Brand is Actually an Act of Service

Building Your Personal Leadership Brand is an Act of Service

Building your personal leadership brand is an incredible opportunity that can open so many doors and gather support from others. While many emerging leaders attempt to build theirs, most of them unfortunately don’t succeed. Why? Because they’re fixated on being seen rather than genuinely bringing something valuable to the table. Why you should tap into […]

How Can You Use Rebellion to Fuel Your Personal Brand?

Rebelling is all about leaving behind what feels safe and familiar and embracing new and different experiences. Without rebellion, how can we expect anything to change for the better? Sticking to the norm hinders progress and innovation. And honestly, it’s just plain boring. Successful companies understand this well — they must constantly innovate if they […]

Smart marketing: tapping into the kiddie market

If marketers want to know whether marketing to children works or not, they need just ask the countless parents who found themselves spending extra at Pick n Pay last year to ensure they scooped Stikeez. I know because I was one of them. My two kids, like thousands of other children around South Africa, were […]

Marketing is about more than money

Understanding the recent shifts in marketing and what they mean for your business Best-selling author Seth Godin recently wrote an article about the shift in marketing and how it affects political campaigning in the USA. He points out that brands aren’t built the way they used to be: “Consider this: In the 2016 election, the […]

How brands can push boundaries without being offensive

In light of recent controversial campaigns by Legit and Appletizer, Branding & Marketing YOU CEO and marketing specialist, Donna Rachelson spoke to Destiny Connect  about ‘how brands can push boundaries with ad campaigns without being irresponsible.’ It is inevitable that most brands will upset consumers at some point, Rachelson says. However, if this is done in […]

Tough questions to ask yourself about your marketing for this year

1. What channel should I not be using this year? Yes, you read that right. It’s not about adding an extra marketing channel to your arsenal in 2015, with all of the accompanying admin, energy, input and spend. What I suggest is exactly the opposite: paring down the number of channels you use.Take an honest […]