The Power of Focus

Focus is such a fundamental principle of marketing, but many people struggle to get it right. We get distracted by the plethora of options available and instead of narrowing our focus to what’s most critical and discarding the unimportant things, we sometimes get hung up on minor details instead. Remember: to your customers, you represent […]

Marketing musts for Entrepreneurs

Branding & Marketing YOU CEO, Donna Rachelson’s ‘Marketing musts for Entrepreneurs’ was featured in Business Brief’s Startup Success, Entrepreneurship Feature. You can find Donna’s top 3 marketing tips for Entrepreneurs on page 32    

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: 3 marketing tips for beginners

Many entrepreneurs that I speak to tell me they know they need to market their business, but they just don’t have the time, or they don’t know where to start. While I understand that marketing can seem intimidating, it presents huge opportunities for business growth. My advice is not to dive right into complex marketing […]

Three clever questions to ask your clients

Most of us have answered customer surveys and wished we could rewrite the questions instead of choosing from the pre-written options. By learning to ask your clients questions that go beyond the typical “check the box” customer feedback survey, you can improve your service levels far more strategically, and boost your client loyalty while you’re […]

How to email like a pro

Email is like any other form of communication – there are acceptable norms and also types of behaviour deemed as inappropriate. For example, I often have business executives asking me for advice on how to help their colleagues or employees to understand and abide by email etiquette. They find that while these people are technically […]

Start-ups, avoid these four marketing mistakes

As an entrepreneur, I network extensively with other entrepreneurs and I am always inspired by their energy, expertise and passion. Yet as a professional in the marketing industry, I often find that entrepreneurs and start-ups do not know how to tackle marketing effectively. So says Donna Rachelson, founder and CEO of Branding and Marketing You. […]