How Can You Use Rebellion to Fuel Your Personal Brand?

Rebelling is all about leaving behind what feels safe and familiar and embracing new and different experiences. Without rebellion, how can we expect anything to change for the better? Sticking to the norm hinders progress and innovation. And honestly, it’s just plain boring. Successful companies understand this well — they must constantly innovate if they […]

It’s Your Story – Tell It Properly

It’s your story so tell it properly

It’s Your Story – Tell It Properly. Over the course of a career, we change direction or are offered new opportunities. They make sense to us, and create a composite whole that expands our usefulness and capabilities. All too often, though, a superficial look at a CV can communicate the wrong message. For example, a […]

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself

sell yourself

Sell yourself. As indicated in the previous blog, first impressions need to be bolstered by an ability to present oneself as an incisive thinker and somebody who has the courage of her convictions. Women need to rid themselves of the lingering idea that this will make them unlikeable, whereas in fact it will make them […]

First impressions count

first impressions count

We all know that we tend to size somebody up in the first few seconds of meeting them, and those first impressions tend to govern how we behave toward that person. Of course, we can and do change or moderate our view once we get to know the person a bit better, but there’s no […]