It’s your story so tell it properly

It’s Your Story – Tell It Properly

It’s Your Story – Tell It Properly. Over the course of a career, we change direction or are offered new opportunities. They make sense to us, and create a composite whole that expands our usefulness and capabilities. All too often, though, a superficial look at a CV can communicate the wrong message.

For example, a third party might assume that a move to a different type of role was because you gave up on the previous role or were unsuccessful at it. Or time off to have a family means that your skills have become rusty, or you’ve lost your edge.

To combat these misconceptions, it’s best to craft a concise and clear story that explains how your experiences and skills fit together and contribute to the unique value you offer. You cannot expect others to join these dots for you—and to get it right.

It’s best to get your thinking down on paper. One way is to think through your positions and the key value delivered in each role together with your key strengths that you mobilised. Think through what you stand for; your non-negotiable personal values and what gives you advantage in your role.

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Once you thoroughly understand how your career and life experiences have created your unique value proposition, it’s time to write down that narrative and get it perfect. Get a trusted colleague or mentor to be your sounding board. It’s your story, so go ahead and tell It properly.

A well-crafted story that you can deliver convincingly helps people to see why and how you bring something unique to your present job—and the company as a whole.

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