Want to Demonstrate You’re a Strategic Thinker? Here’s How:

No matter your role, your responsibilities, your company or your goals, you won’t be able to advance in your career without being able to leverage strategic thinking, whether you’re a senior manager or a new employee joining the workplace. You may be ambitious, a self-starter, and ready to take decisive action to bring yourself closer […]

Are Your Beliefs Limiting Your Career’s Growth Potential?

No matter what you do at your place of work, the chances are high that you’ve suffered from a little to a substantial amount of “Imposter Syndrome” from time to time – an all-too-common phenomenon of consistently doubting yourself, your talents, your abilities and your accomplishments in your position. This is a normal occurrence and […]

Personal Branding for Graduates: Why your business should invest in it

As millennials filter into the workplace, with an already existing and visible online presence, ensuring that your business guides them as graduates in the correct way in presenting themselves and communicating their personal brand has never been more important. Entering the working world can be likened to flying the nest. A graduate requires support, attention, […]

The Importance of Building Trust When Elevating Your Personal Brand

building trust

I recently watched a TED talk by Frances Frei, and it reminded me about the importance of building trust when elevating your personal brand. She talks about the importance of empathy, authenticity and logic, which are all vital points in the context of building your personal brand. Let’s break it down. Empathy There is no […]

Returning to work: Re-igniting your personal brand

Re-igniting your personal brand

When it comes to personal branding, the strategies for success are shifting with today’s business environment of hybrid workplaces. As you move into the new world of work, there is an aspect of yourself you may need to re-ignite by adding some new strategies to your personal branding arsenal. Think about it – 18 months […]