Personal Branding Tips for Introverts

Personal Branding Tips for Introverts

Personal Branding Tips for Introverts. Personal branding is for introverts too and there are many ways of branding and marketing yourself as an introvert. Many introverts have dismissed the option of building and marketing their personal brands, believing that such activities are best left to the extroverts of the world. Yet this means that they […]

Top Tips for Growing your Personal Brand Online

Growing your Personal Brand Online

Growing your Personal Brand Online. I’ve looked at the implications of the move online for our personal brands, and highlighted some of the key issues one needs to consider: the implications of the greater transparency inherent in the digital world and the need for consistency, how and why to integrate the human touch into the […]

Do you have the skills to brand yourself in the Digital Age?

branding yourself in the Digital Age

Branding yourself in the Digital Age. Some of the previous challenges I’ve looked at in this blog series related to the need for consistency across multiple platforms, and the way your personal brand is impacted by the brands of the organisations and people with which you associate. But there’s another pressing issue: controlling your brand […]

Communicating your Personal Brand through Powerful Storytelling

Communicating your Personal Brand

Communicating your Personal Brand through storytelling. One of the most primal images across cultures is the storyteller whose tales encapsulate the essential elements of a culture or group. Families are shaped by the stories we were told at bedtime and throughout our lives, and the same thing happens when cultural groups or nations tell stories […]

Spring Clean Your Personal Brand: Three Bad Habits To Throw Out This Spring

personal branding habits

Spring is here! That means ditching bad habits and letting go of what’s not working in your life. This includes bad personal branding habits. This spring, clean out your personal brand to get rid of bad habits that may be damaging your credibility. Start with these: Bad Habit 1: Complacency about your personal brand One […]

Business is a game, learn how to play it

picture of dice in the air

Business is a game and wee cannot deny that men and women approach the world of business differently. Men use their business relationships – often it’s about building a network – pure and simple. By and large, men are not at work to find meaning or fulfilment. They are there to play a game and […]