How To Showcase Your Personal Brand in That High-Stakes Interview

We all know the feeling: you’ve spent months, if not years, crafting the perfect resume for a coveted promotion, an executive leadership position, or a chance to secure your dream job. And now the moment of truth is here. You’re in the hot seat for that high-stakes interview, and the pressure is on to make […]

How to Nurture Tomorrow’s Women Leaders, Today

I recently posted an article that looked at the alarming trend of women leaders quitting their jobs en masse. Assessing a variety of different research and popular thought, a few key trends driving these mass women-led walkouts are evident. These include a lack of opportunities for women to organically progress into leadership roles, a lack […]

Business is a game, learn how to play it

picture of dice in the air

Business is a game and wee cannot deny that men and women approach the world of business differently. Men use their business relationships – often it’s about building a network – pure and simple. By and large, men are not at work to find meaning or fulfilment. They are there to play a game and […]