4 Social Media Strategies for Personal Branding

Building your personal brand

Social media is here to stay and in our digital world, it can affect your personal brand. We’ve all heard the stories of embarrassing Facebook posts that have damaged people’s careers, but social media can also have the opposite effect – it can be a platform to strengthen your personal brand and build credibility online. […]

Elements of a Successful Business Pitch


Life’s a pitch. Seriously. Pitching is part of everyday life, whether it’s running a new idea past your boss or a client, trying to get approval for a budget you’ve planned, seeking investment for your new business, or just convincing your partner that the holiday destination you want to visit is a good idea. Pitching […]

Personal branding trends for 2016

Much is written every year about the trends expected to affect any particular given industry. I’ve found, however, that much of the international content is less relevant to South African businesses and business people. For example, while the US presidential campaign may be a major trend in the USA, it has much less impact on […]

Gear up for 2016 – marketing your personal brand

No matter what field you are in you have probably spent January developing your plans for the year – financial, marketing, social media, training and the like; but have you taken the time to develop your personal brand marketing plan? Imagine if we spent as much time branding and marketing ourselves as we so the […]

Building your personal brand in a new environment

Building your personal brand in a new environment can be challenging. When you’ve moved to a new city or country, made a career change or simply taken on a new job opportunity, it’s important to establish yourself and build your credibility in the workplace from day one. I’d say that the first 90 days are […]

Get the most out of your meetings

Meetings can be a complete waste of time. Here are some tips on which meetings to avoid, and how to get the best out of those you do attend. Define the objective of the proposed meeting Because I had to rest a bit I needed to be more disciplined about how many meetings I could […]