3 Steps to Kick-off Personal Brand Campaign YOU

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If you haven’t thought about developing a Personal Brand Campaign, now is the time to put your kick-off and put your strategy into action. Honesty, competency, energy, leadership and integrity – just some of the characteristics we look for in South Africa’s politicians in the run up to the elections this May. They are also […]

4 Ways to Build Better Business Relationships While You’re on Holiday

As you prepare to spend time with your loved ones over the long weekend, be sure to use the occasion as an opportunity to connect with your business network  and build authentic relationships too. Building authentic, professional relationships in today’s corporate world is key to fast-tracking your career success – but only if you invest […]

Are you referable?

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With 70% of buying experiences based on how customers feel they are being treated, do you think you are referable? Are you delivering way beyond what you have promised? If you’re getting in new business as a sales person or new opportunities and promotions as a corporate professional, your answer will be a resounding yes. […]

Getting to know the product called ‘YOU’

What is personal branding about

What is personal branding all about? Above all, personal branding is an ongoing process.  It can be seen as the art of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the minds of others about the product called ‘You’.  Numerous factors are involved in this process.  In essence, it is about the association people have with […]

Personal Branding for Graduates


According to Gallup, an American research-based, global performance-management consulting company, companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. In Gallup’s 2016 research across 230 organisations in 49 industries and 73 countries, it found clear and well-established connections between employee engagement and customer ratings, profitability, and productivity. Engaged employees are […]

Very pleased to meet you

Introducing personal branding : ‘your own unique bar code’  Irrespective of age or career stage, nature of business, title or the level of position one holds, the impact one creates with one’s ‘presence’ or ‘personal brand’ should never be underestimated.  And in making one’s mark on the world, the level of position that personal branding […]